Into Lashes and Brows price list
Into Lashes and Brows price list 2

Offering the Best Eyelash and Brow Training in Hawthorn & Melbourne  

Looking for perfect brow and eyelash training that can enhance your skills? Into Lashes and Brows is your one-stop-solution to all your lash and brow related queries. Getting a permanent beauty solution is not an easy task and trusting just any service is not a smart choice.  

Into Lashes and Brows is among the best eyebrow and lash service and training providers in Hawthorn & Melbourne. We not only provide quality beauty services, but we also have the best brow and lash courses available for you. If you are a beauty enthusiast willing to become an eyelash and eyebrow specialist with the perfect skills, then this is just the right place for you.  

Planning to Get an Eyelash or Eyebrow Treatment? Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Appointment

Highlights of your first appointment:
1. Fill up the contraindication and consent form.
2. We discuss the look that you desire for your brows.
3. We will provide suggestions suitable for your face and skin type.
4. Measuring symmetry
5. Rough shape sketching with the pencil.
6. Reaching a satisfying conclusion.
7. Taking ‘ before’ photos.
8. Applying anaesthetic.
9. Beginning the painless procedure.
10. Checking with you during and before finalising the procedure.
11. Going through after care instructions.
12. Taking ‘ after’ photos.
13. Booking touch up appointment.

Note: If you have any chronic medical history or if any of your medical conditions could be impacted by the procedure, you must consult with your GP before proceeding with the appointment.

Train with the Best Lash and Brow Training Academy in Hawthorn & Melbourne 

Become a professional brow and lash artist today! Learn the best techniques from our qualified and experienced trainers, who own a high reputation in the industry.    

Here’s what you will learn through our extensive Eyebrow and Lash Course: 

  • Perfect shaping of eyebrows  
  • Providing eyelash extensions 
  • Shading and Nano hair stroking 
  • Legal policies and regulations regarding brows and lashes 
  • Tint, mixing, choosing the best shade for different types of eyebrows 
  • Correct stretching and outline techniques 
  • Perform Microblading, waxing, and tweezing of eyebrows 
  • Pre- and post-care methods and hair growth patterns. 
  • Become an eyeliner tattoo specialist 

And a lot more.   

Our knowledge of brows and lashes is endless, and the best part is you can learn it within just a short span of 3-5 days. 

Browse All Our Beauty Courses:

Reasons to Choose Our Services:  

Skilled Professionals:

Trainers and beauticians at Into Lashes and Brows are certified experts. We are equipped with the right knowledge and skills required to provide the best eyebrow and lash services as well as beauty training. Let our experts help you with your requirements. If you want to become a brow and lash specialist, come join hands with our expert team.


Eyelash and Brow Courses offered at ILAB are made to ensure you sharpen your skills at a budget-friendly rate.  

Best Product and Equipment Mentors: 

Product knowledge and techniques to use the equipment are the key factors you can learn from the experts at ILAB. 

Quick Courses and Training:

Our brow and lash course doesn’t take much of your time. You can finish this course in just a few days and can start practicing on your own. 

Whether you want to get affordable and quality brow and lash services or wish to enhance your beauty skills, Into Lashes and Brows is your place to be. Call or email us to book the best brow and lash course or to enjoy brow and lash services in Melbourne.  


stages of healing - eyebrow healing


Permanent makeup tattoo procedure and process at “Into Lashes And Brows” #ILAB SALON


+ Microblading

+ Nano hairstrokes by machine

+ Ombre/shading/powder/misty brow

+ Lip blush tattooing

+ Eyeliner tattooing

  1. Fill out the contraindication and consent form
  2. We discuss how you want your brows/lips/eyeliners to look after the procedure, including styles, thicknesses, lengths, arches, shapes and colours.
  3. We’ll give you options what works best for your brow conditions/lips/eyeliners
  4. Measuring symmetry

  5. Drawing the shape with pencil

  6. Consulting with you until we are both happy with it!

7. Taking ‘before’ photos

8. Applying anaesthetic

9. Starting the pain free procedure.

10. Checking with you during and before finalising the procedure

11. Going through aftercare instructions 

12. Taking ‘after’ photos 

13. Booking touch up appointment.

14. Thank you for your support!



Hoa Nguyen is an Australian Certified and Qualified Trainer in Beauty Lash and PMU in Australia.


Cathy duong is an Australian Certified and Qualified Trainer in Beauty Lash and PMU in Australia.

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    Kelly Irvine

    Hoa is incredible! Her eyelash extensions are always perfect and last much longer than anywhere else I’ve been. I found her when I used to live close by however am still more than happy to drive over half an hour to see her. I will never go anywhere else for my eyelashes!

    Amy Lee

    Don’t look anywhere else for FLAWLESS lash extensions! I get so many compliments whenever Hoa works her magic on them. I have been to 8 other places and this is BY FAR the best. Not only do they look beautiful and are exactly what I ask for, but they last longer than average and she does them a lot quicker than other places. I 100% recommend!!!

    Emily Quach

    Hoa is the best lash technician I have ever been to! She takes her time to produce the perfect set of lashes that last a long time. She is super professional and located in a very clean and welcoming space. Would highly recommend to anyone looking! I have never been happier with my lashes thank you!!

    Ann McDermott

    I had my eyebrows feathered & tattooed. It looks amazing. So natural. Hoa worked hard to get my eyebrows perfect.

    Olga Ford

    I had combination eyebrows done by Hoa. Am very pleased with the result, she was attentive, precise and made sure I was happy with all aspects of shape and colour as she went along. My eyebrows healed well after both the initial consultation and the second perfecting session. Thanks Hoa!

    Maisey Davidson

    I have been going to Hoa for my lash extensions for about 12 months now. She is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her professionalism!! I had tried many different lash places and never left feeling happy… each time I leave iLab, I always feel 100% with my lashes, waxing and brows. She takes her time and ensures to deliver a quality service. Last week I also had my brows ombré tattooed and I’m in love! I’m extremely happy that I found Hoa and her lovely little business. I couldn’t recommend her more

    Michele Green

    Hoa was so lovely and gentle during my eye brow tattoo and feathering procedure. Hoa was thorough and highly meticulous in her work and her attention to detail was amazing. I really thought the procedure was going to be painful, but because of Hoa’s gentle and careful approach, it wasn’t. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs their eye brows done. Im pretty confident though that Hoa could turn her hand to any beauty treatment and do well. She is a true professional and an amazing artist. I recieved lovely comments about my brows almost straight away from my friends. I will be back. Kind regards Michele

    Aline Nguyen

    Hoa is absolutely amazing and genuinely such a lovely person! I’ve had my brows done twice by her and I’m never disappointed. She is a true perfectionist when it comes to brows and that is exactly what you need in a brow artist. She listens attentively to what you want and works with your opinion to get the best results for your face. I had a combination of feathering and ombre shading. I am so happy with them, I don’t have to worry about filling in my brows everyday. If you’re looking for a brow tattooist in Melbourne, Hoa is your girl!

    Leah Loh

    I have been going to Hoa for my eyelash extensions and she has been consistently amazing. She takes the time to make sure she does a great job so I’m always happy with the results when I leave her salon. She listens to what I want to do (which is usually more more more volume) but will always let me know if she thinks they will wreck my eyelashes. So far they’ve remained healthy and great! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

    Christine Tran

    I got my eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo done by Hoa at Into Lashes and Brows and I am so so so happy with them. I was extremely impressed by Hoa’s level of professionalism and her attention to detail was just amazing. She spent so long perfecting my eyebrows and making sure I was satisfied with it before beginning the tattooing process, which I really appreciated. She is extremely passionate about her work and ensures that every one of her client’s result is of the best quality! She is highly skilled and knowledgeable and I’m so glad I found her! I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s thinking of taking that big step of getting cosmetic tattoo to go to ILAB! Thanks so much Hoa!

    Barbara Tillotson

    Particular + Patient + Precise = Perfection Hoa takes great care, time and pride in her practice to achieve the best possible result. A complete professional. Thank you.

    Gabriella Gerosolimo

    I recently had my eye brows done at ILAB. I found Hoa so helpful and patient throughout the whole process making sure I was happy with the shape of my brows. i would highly recommend to anybody who wants to have there eyebrows reshaped. Fabulous service. Thank you so much !

    Katje and Ganesh

    Hoa is very professional and always does an amazing job with my eyebrows. I have also has eyelash tint & lift on several occasions and it always looks amazing! Highly recommend!

    Megan Q

    ILAB is my favourite place to get my lashes done! Hoa is so professional and makes my lashes look amazing every single time I visit. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for long-lasting, high quality eyelash extensions.

    Ana-maria Maghiar

    Hoa is amazing.. I researched months and months to have my brows feathered and Hoa exceeded all my expectations. I wanted a very natural and soft look and they came out amazing. Very professional, clean and well priced. Thank you

    Aline Nguyen

    Hoa is absolutely amazing and genuinely such a lovely person! I’ve had my brows done twice by her and I’m never disappointed. She is a true perfectionist when it comes to brows and that is exactly what you need in a brow artist. She listens attentively to what you want and works with your opinion to get the best results for your face. I had a combination of feathering and ombre shading. I am so happy with them, I don’t have to worry about filling in my brows everyday. If you’re looking for a brow tattooist in Melbourne, Hoa is your girl!

    Carla Merlo

    I went in to ILAB on a recommendation from a friend, I can be very particular but this time I had no idea what I wanted and was feeling a bit nervous! Hoa took her time to measure and create the perfect brow shape for me, she was very thorough and such a perfectionist, something that was very very much appreciated! I wanted a natural looking brow and that’s exactly what I got. My partner was shocked and thought it was real hair and I have received so many compliments. I suffer from restless leg syndrome so it was difficult to keep still for the 3hour duration but Hoa was so patient with me! Thank you again, I love my new brows and feel like a new women!

    Nicola Bonin

    My brows look amazing. After having my brows feather micro bladed several years ago the colour had faded and the shape was wrong. Hoa did an amazing job at fixing them, she made the colour much more natural and darker and the shape is perfect. Probably because she is such a perfectionist and continued with the treatment until every stroke was exactly how I wanted it. She is the absolute best I’ve been getting my lashes done with her for years and now my brows are perfect too! I get a compliment a day they’re that good.

    laura tillotson

    Hoa is patient, kind, precise and such a professional. She takes the time to listen to you as the client, give her opinion and deliver exactly what she says she will. I have had both eyelash extensions and more recently, microblading on my eyebrows and I have never felt more confident. Hoa was able to stay true to my natural brow and transform them at the same time. I have never felt this good about my brows and have received so many compliments already. Thank you Hoa!

    Lisa Vanderbaan

    Hoa is amazing so glad I found her. She is gentle and takes time perfecting brows and lashes. I am so happy with my lashes and brows.


    Vy Nguyen

    Highly recommended!!! I have my ombre brows done with Hoa and totally in love with it. Hoa is so patient ,detailed and very professional. Wonderful experience and I’m very happy with the result.

    Christina Zhao

    It was such a pleasant 3.5 hours. Hoa is a very patient and nice girl, spent hour on designing the shape of my eye brow and made me total comfortable for the whole time of the service. And I love my new eye brow! X

    Kelly Irvine

    Hoa is incredible! Her eyelash extensions are always perfect and last much longer than anywhere else I’ve been. I found her when I used to live close by however am still more than happy to drive over half an hour to see her. I will never go anywhere else for my eyelashes!

    Kiera Moller

    I have very sensitive eyes and Hoa was so accomodating! Her eyelash service is the best I have had so far and she was very friendly and professional. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. Highly recommend!


    Iris Jiang

    I’ve been searching tattooist on instagram for ages, love all the designs and works Hoa did for different clients’ face types. Mine is still healing, but couldn’t be more happier with my eyebrows!

    Paula Gill

    Hoa is Amazing she makes you feel so relaxed, and does a fantastic job . I trust her knowledge & advice as to what will work for me . Love my lashes

    Alana Tortora

    Excellent service. Hoa has such an amazing talent and i would definitely recommend her to anybody. I got my lashes done and i’m super happy with them

    Morgan Scholes

    I travelled 3.5 hours to have my eyebrows tattooed by Hoa after seeing her work on Instagram. It was 1000% worth the trip. My eyebrows turned out even better than what I imagined. I honestly nearly cried happy tears when I saw them! Hoa is an absolute perfectionist which made me feel so comfortable throughout the session. With the relaxing music and and smell of oils I almost fell asleep twice she was that gentle. I highly recommend this place if you want the eyebrows of your dreams.


    Bianca Paine

    I’ve been seeing Hoa at iLAB for eyelash extensions for over four years, and I will never go anywhere else. Hoa is incredibly talented, an absolute perfectionist who is constantly furthering her own upskill and development. Today we finally made it to my brows appointment (which was delayed due to Covid-19), and I was so impressed. I was a little nervous that the process might be painful, but it was honestly fine- if you can handle a wax, you can handle this! Hoa spent at least an hour getting the brow shape perfect before even starting the microblading. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result- before and after pics attached for reference. If you’re looking for someone to help with lash extensions or cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne, please give the iLAB Instagram a look (Hoa’s talent speaks for itself and the pictures tell a thousand words). I cannot provide a higher recommendation for Into Lashes And Brows.

    Vanee Pham

    I Highly recommended this amazing place, professional, clean and highly experienced. It took me 2 years to find the right place to finally get my brows microbladed and shaded , Hoa was amazing to deal with from day one , she took the time to take me through the steps thoroughly and is very reassuring, she is a prefectionist and did not stop until she achieved the prefect brows for me , I was very impressed with how comprehensive she is and how she takes her time to prefect every strokes on my brows ensuring I was comfortable and at ease and more importantly consult me at every steps if of the way. Thank you Hoa for my amazing brows I am so happy with it and cannot thank you enough for your amazing work. Cheers Vanee xx

    Natassja Lindrea

    I researched a lot of cosmetic tattoo artists in Melbourne and even though some had been in the industry for a long time I noticed that the placement of the ink was not always best done for the particular features. Into lashes an brows differed here and i felt that it was the most important aspect. You’re not just putting ink on someones face, you have to be specific in the shapes and lines to match that persons face. You have to be an artist and thats why I chose them. She picked a beautiful colour that matched my olive skin and the lines of my lips made them look pouty and lush!


    Karina Sisouk

    I’ve seen hoa for two years now. She’s the only lash technician I go to for my lashes and won’t go to anyone else. She’s the best of the best and everyone always compliments my lashes. I even just go to see her all the way from Albury to get them done because of how good she is! Highly recommend her and she’s always so kind, flexible and easy going

    Yanqi zhang

    I have to say the artist is amazing, super patient and super professional! As an Asian eye, I’ve got 100% eyeliner I want eventually, and thanks hoa for lighting up my day! And during the whole procedure, it’s not painful at all, can’t wait to do my touchup again!

    YenPhin Choo

    Hua is very professional and meticulous with her work. She is also very flexible and accommodating with her times. You can be assured of top quality and satisfaction when you walk out of her salon. I totally recommend Hua to anyone interested in her services.

    Amanda Taing

    Highly recommend microblading and eyelash extension service that Hoa provides at ILab. My eyelash extensions always turn out beautiful and the retention is amazing! Hoa is very professional at what she does and her passion is demonstrated through her effort to provide perfection. I had the pleasure of having Hoa fix my brows that i was very self conscious about for years. Hoa’s microblading/ brow tattoo work on my brows is absolutely amazing and they look so natural even after 1 year they still look perfect, I’ve had so much compliments! I am extremely happy with the final results and the services, i definetly would recommend her especially for people who are looking for an artist in melbourne!

    T D

    Hoa truly wants you to be satisfied with your experience. If you want a high-end service and understand the value of choosing professional, experienced, and highly-skilled lash technicians then you will choose Hoa. She has been in this business for many years and is incredibly well-versed in this field, and understands how to craft the perfect lashes for your face and eye shapes. Also, she’s just a really kind person that cares about her clients. Best Lash Extension Studio in Melbourne


    Ellen McMillan

    Hoa is simply AMAZING! I have been getting my lashes done at iLab for at least 5 years and I can’t fault the service and quality. My lashes last SO well, and always remain healthy due to the care that Hoa takes. Highly recommended and will never choose to go anywhere else!


    Terry and Ros

    I have been fortunate to have had many services from Hoa over the years. BrowTattooing, eyelash extensions, facials – all very professionally done by this gorgeous lady who has a wall of certifications and trophies. She always makes me feel special and her salon is spotlessly clean and she is a perfectionist. Happy to recommend her and look forward to my next treatment! Ros Wingens

    Dung Nguyen Thi Kim

    Excellent job! Hoa is not just an expert in her field yet a very caring and responsible business owner. Highly recommended!!!


    Jennifer Vu

    I am absolutely in love with my new eyelash extensions. I’ll definitely be come back and recommend Hoa’s services to everyone. She is such a lovely and genuine person! And she takes care to give you amazing results.

    Sarah Le

    My lashes are so comfortable, they feel like my own and looks like my own too


    Kathy Nguyen

    I absolutely love getting my lashes done here. Great quality and reasonably priced!

    Mariela Vera Velarde

    Hoa is amazing! I highly recommend her. I have been her client for over 2 years now and I will continue to go to the salon.


    tran trang

    Amazing Lash service- my full set lasted so long and the service was on point!! Highly recommend it!

    Amelia Casella

    I found into lashes and brows through Google reviews and it measured up! Hoa was very precise and took her time to make sure I was happy with my brows. I’ll be back again! Thanks Hua



    Emma Meyrick

    ILAB has the absolute best quality lash extensions! Hoa always makes me feel welcome and shows how much she cares about each of her clients. The lash extensions I get are always such great quality and last very well. Always get so many compliments on these

    Lan Nguyen

    I highly recommend ILAB to all ladies who would like their facial beauty needs to be looked after professionally and at the best quality. Had my lashes done at many different places before but was never happy until I found ILAB. Haven’t gone elsewhere ever since! Hoa is super talented and professional and most of all very gentle and nice. I’ve had more than just lash extensions done by her (and still a monthly client) and haven’t been disappointed. I’m sure you will love her and her works.


    Christie Wong

    I always go to her when I get eyelash extensions, eyelash lift and brows wax. She’s amazing and takes good care of you. I highly recommended.