Please answer yes or no to the following;

  • Are you pregnant? 
  • Are you currently breastfeeding?
  • Are you allergic to Lidocaine, prilocaine,benzocaine,tetracaine or epinephrine?
  • Do you have : HIV ,Herpes Hepatitis A,B,C,D,E,F?
  • Facial Keloid scar?
  • Hyperpigmentation, Hemophilia or Skin cancers?
  • Infectious diseases or irritations?
  • Strokes?
  • Diabetes ?
  • Eczema ?
  • Autoimmune diseases ?
  • High fever ?
  • Epilepsy ?
  • Cardiovascular problems ?
  • Existing lip tattoo? If yes, please send us a photo of your lips.


Similar to getting a body tattoo or eyebrow microblading, there are several things you need to prepare for prior to your treatment. You must make sure that you have not consumed any of the following for at least 24 hours beforehand:

* Aspirin, ibuprofen, alcoholic beverages

* Caffeine (coffee and tea)

* Fish oil

* Niacin

* Vitamin E


Most importantly, if you’ve been using any retinol-based products or prescription-strength acne medications such as Accutane or Retin-A, I highly suggest temporarily stopping use around the mouth area for at least 30 days prior to your lip appointment as it can make your skin much more sensitive during the procedure and may possibly interfere with the healing process.


* If you have had any type of lip surgery, consult with the physician about how long you should wait before having a permanent makeup procedure on your lips.

* Oral prosthesis dentures/ partials/ braces and tongue piercing bars need to be removed. The reason is they may increase risk of contracting bacterial and/or fungal infection from the mouth to the lips. Frequent or recent sinus infection puts lips at risk of infection also. 

* Exfoliate your lips with gel/scrub cleansers for a day before the treatment.

* Keep your lips moisted with lip balm/Vaseline for a few days before the treatment. Make sure there is no dry/flaky skin on your lips.

* Consume lot of Vitamin C.

* Come with clean naked lips, teeth and face. 

* Tie up your hair if you have long hair.

* Dress comfortably as you will be laying down for couple of hours. 

* If you are prone to cold sores/herpes, please consult with doctor to take medication to prevent them coming up. 

* The appointment takes roughly 4 hours including numbing cream and extra consultations. 

* All ingredients/products we use on you will be provided upon request to check with your doctor.


Fees and charges: 

  • All new appointments will require 
  • a $100 transferable deposit upon reservation. 
  • Deposit will be lost if the reservation is canceled within 24hours of appointment. 
  • So please provide as much notice as possible.
  • Commonwealth bank 
  • BSB: 063 113
  • Account number: 1107 1066
  • Acc name: ILAB
  • Amount: $100
  • Description: Your name

Please let us know once you have done the deposit so we can book you in.


Please note:

  • No animal allowed in the club.
  • No males allowed in the club. Fernwood club is for females only.
  • There is no lift in the club.
  • A merchant fee of 2% will apply to all credit cards. You are welcome to change your preferred method of payment to cash or EFTPOS, if you wish to avoid the credit card surcharge.


Thank you. 


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