Eyelash, Brows & Lip Blush Tattoo Training in Hawthorn & Melbourne   

Yes, we know the thought of needles being used on eyelashes, brows, and lips sounds anything but pleasant. However, once you learn the skill, you will find this an asset in your career. 

Into Lashes and Brows is a reputed permanent makeup training centre in Hawthorn and Melbourne. We offer eyelash, brow, and lip blushing tattoo courses, where you learn the skills to perform these treatments from industry experts. With the supervision of our trainers, you can learn permanent makeup techniques. Here are some of the tattoo technique courses we offer:  

Eyelash tattoo:   

It is a technique that involves tattooing a soft black line across the lash line. Micro-pigmentation technology is used to give an impression of naturally fuller lashes. 

Lip blush tattoo:

This is a semi-permanent makeup technique that uses tattoos to add natural, soft pigments to the lips. This technique makes the lips look fuller without injections. It successfully covers lip damage and uneven pigmentation.  

Eyebrow tattoo:   

Eyebrow tattooing is a technique performed with special tattoo machines. In this technique, the gaps within the eyebrow are filled with the natural colour of the person’s hair giving it a much fuller look. Microblading and ombre powder tattooing are standard types of eyebrow tattooing. Strokes are drawn using machines to give a subtle natural look that is permanent. If you are planning to develop your skills in cosmetic tattooing, Into Lashes and Brows is the perfect partner in this journey. Check out our courses and book a spot with us if you want to establish your career in this field. 

What Do We Offer?  

We are a permanent makeup salon offering a list of courses that can help you become a skilled professional in just a few days. We focus more on practical learning than theory in order to strengthen your skills.  

We provide quality permanent makeup courses in Hawthorn and Melbourne. Some of the courses are: 

These are the most popular courses and techniques in the permanent makeup industry that we offer to enhance your skills. Whether you are a beginner or you have prior knowledge, at the end of our course, you will become an expert in this field. 

Why Choose Us?  

At ILAB salon, you become a certified permanent makeup artist at the end of our course. With the help of our licensed instructors, having years of experience and in-depth knowledge of modern techniques and equipment, you will be able to provide these services yourself. 

At ILAB, we will guide you and supervise you throughout the training until you finish your course. It is an affordable lifetime investment. Once you become a skilled certified artist, you will be able to increase your client base and revenue by offering them the high quality permanent makeup techniques. Call or email us today to learn permanent makeup techniques in Melbourne and Hawthorn. 

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