Brow Design and Shaping Workshop in Hawthorn – Into Lashes & Brows  

Eyebrow Design and Shaping course is a must if you wish to become an established permanent makeup artist. Being certified in this skill adds credibility to your business, which attracts more clientele. Into Lashes and Brows brings you a comprehensive series of cosmetic tattooing courses and lash extension courses taught by renowned professionals from the beauty industry. We also offer a one-day intensive workshop to refresh your skills, and boost your confidence.  

Into Lashes and Brows is amongst the most reliable permanent makeup agency and training academy in Hawthorn. Our experts not only provide incredible services but also train you with various comprehensive courses including brow design and shaping workshops to further hone your beauty techniques. 

What Are Brow Design Workshop and Eyebrow Shaping Workshop For? 

Workshops at ILAB salon help you evolve as a professional makeup artist. You get hands-on practice and a good grasp of theory under expert supervision. So, if you have a basic certificate or want to upgrade your skills, then this is exactly what you need – a brow design and shaping workshop in Hawthorn. Learn new techniques in a comfortable environment to provide your clients quality beauty services. 

In this intensive workshop, you will learn to create the perfect brow shape using the client’s face measurements for the design and symmetry. Our brow design workshop is tailored to cater to your professional requirements combining theory with practice. 

How Can You Apply for Our Brow Design Workshop? 

Joining this incredible one-day workshop to hone your skills is easy. Into Lashes & Brows has made everything simple and accessible for you.  

Experts at Into Lashes and Brows are just a call away. Contact us or visit our website to directly register for the brow design and shaping workshop.  

Follow the given steps to register yourself for the workshop: 

  • Register yourself on our website  
  • Click the “Book a Service / Course” button present on the top of the page 
  • Fill in your details, course requirements, and make the payment 

  And that’s it! Buckle up to learn a new skill! Become a professional artist in just a day with ILAB salon. Meet beauty experts, learn all tips and tricks, practice on live models and enjoy our 6-month support after your graduate. Call or email us for more information. 

Brow Shaping is one of the most important aspects of either brow sculpting or brow tattooing. Getting the shape right gives you the confidence to master the rest of your craft.

If you are an eyebrow artist who’s providing either semi permanent eyebrow tattooing or brow henna sculpting and you want to learn the measuring points of your client’s face, hand drawing the shape and designing brows with symmetry? Then this is the course for yOu.


  • Course duration: 3 hours
  • Time: Subject to availabilities
  • Practice on Mannequin
  • Drawing shape on 1-2 live models
  • Qualifications: Certificate 1 in Brow design and Shaping
  • Cost: $550
  • Bonus: Brow tinting henna style.


  • Brow designs
  • Brow symmetry
  • How to draw the perfect shape with clean lines
  • How to draw perfect brow shape using Golden Ratio
  • How to draw perfect brow shape using string
  • 6 months support after you graduate

The kit includes

  • 1x Brow pencil
  • 1 x Brow threading roll
  • 1x Cleanser holder cup
  • 10 x Cotton tips
  • 1x Sharpening brush
  • 5 x Mascara Wands
  • 1 x Brow kazor
  • 1x Pencil Razor
  • 1 x Brow Measure