Into Lashes and Brows – Introduction to Eyelash Extension Course

Into Lashes and Brows Eyelash Extension Course in Hawthorn 

Into Lashes and Brows brings you quality eyelash extension course and training in Hawthorn & Melbourne. With our professional trainers and beauty experts, you get the results you desire.  

Learn the latest techniques to give your clients the best eyelash extension training experience they can get. Our versatile lash extension course includes classic, volume, and hybrid effects. You will get hands-on practice with our 3-day intensive course and 3-month practice support from our expert trainers in Hawthorn. Become a certified lash extension expert with ILAB salon. 

You don’t need any prior experience for this course. Reach out to us as a fresher and step out as an expert. The eyelash extension training provided by ILAB salon involves concepts of finishing, eye sensitivity, contraindications, and lots more. 

Classic Eyelash Extension Training in Hawthorn and Melbourne 

In our classic eyelash extension course, we will teach the technique to enhance your skill with practice and theory. However, our focus remains on providing you with practical training. At ILAB salon, you will also learn about how to run a successful permanent makeup business. 

Come And See Why We Are So Popular in Melbourne? 

ILAB salon is one of the best destinations for eyelash.  Find that difficult to believe? Visit us to enjoy an incredible experience in the world of beauty. We have certified experts who have been professionally trained to deliver the most decent eyelash extension in Hawthorn and Melbourne. 

We only use genuine products for our clients as well as for teaching our students for the processes. We ensure all client instructions are made clear prior to the treatment and our clients get what they desire and deserve. We strictly follow all hygienic and health measure to avoid any infections or health complications for our clients and students. 

At Into Lashes and Brows, we cater to all your demands cost. If you wish to give your eyelashes fuller look that just appears to be natural or desire to learn a new skill, visit us at our salon or just Call or email us. 


  • Course duration: 3 intensive days and 3 month of practicing on live models until confident.
  • Time: 10am — 5pm
  • Performing eyelash extensions on at least 5 live models under supervi-
  • Qualifications: Certificate in Classic & Volume Lashes
  • Cost: $1999

Course contents

  • What is Classic lash extensions
  • What is Volume lash extensions
  • Client instruction prior appointment
  • Patch test
  • Lash Growth and Hair Structure
  • Lash Shedding
  • Contraindications
  • Prevention of Cross Infection
  • Health and Safety and Maintain Infection Control in work place
  • Eye Shapes
  • Lash Extension Process
  • Client consent and Record Keeping
  • Lash Tools
  • Lash Curl, Thickness and Diameters
  • Lash adhesives usage and storage
  • Humidity and Lash Adhesives
  • Tweezer management and positioning Adhesive usage
  • Picking up of Classic Extensions
  • Hand made fans v Pre made fans
  • Lash Tapping
  • Picking up of Volume extensions
  • Cleansing the eyelash prior to extensions
  • Applying extensions on Practice pads
  • Applying extensions on Practice Heads
  • Cleaning the natural lashes
  • Applying the pad
  • Lash Adhesive Dipping and usage for Classics
  • Lash Adhesive Dipping and usage for Volumes
  • Proper Eyelash Placement for classics
  • Proper Eyelash Placement for volumes
  • Top Side Bottom placement
  • Placement on tricky lashes
  • Lash Mapping and Direction Mapping
  • Layering One
  • Layering Iwo
  • Layering Three
  • Refills for classic lashes
  • Refills for volume lashes
  • Perfect line effect
  • Hybrid effect
  • Eyeliner effect
  • Whispy effect
  • Direction of lash application (75 90)
  • Slanted direction
  • Creating a sweep
  • Eye diseases related to eyelash extensions.
  • Styles of eyelash extensions
  • Main glue ingredients
  • Correct Isolation
  • Mixing sizes and curls for different eye shapes
  • Eyelash removal by gel/cream
  • Eyelash removal by tweezers.
  • Various different fanning techniques.
  • Correct placement distances
  • Eyelash extension weight
  • Common mistakes, consequences and how to avoid them.
  • How to take good photos and photo collage
  • Eyelash extension aftercare.