Please answer yes or no to the following;

Are you pregnant? 

Are you currently breastfeeding?

Are you allergic to Lidocaine,

prilocaine,benzocaine,tetracaine or epinephrine?

Do you have : HIV ,Herpes Hepatitis A,B,C,D,E,F?

Facial Keloid scaring?

Hyperpigmentation, Hemophilia or Skin cancers?

Infectious diseases or irritations?


Diabetes ?

Eczema ?

Autoimmune diseases ?

High fever ?

Epilepsy ?

Cardiovascular problems ?

Existing brow tattoo? If yes, are they light or still dark? 

(Please send us a photo of your brows to confirm)


*You must make sure that you have not consumed any of the following for at least 24 hours beforehand;

* Aspirin, ibuprofen, alcoholic beverages

* Caffeine (coffee, tea or energy drinks)

* Fish oil

* Niacin

* Vitamin E


*Most importantly, if you’ve been using any retinol-based products or prescription-strength acne medications such as Accutane or Retin-A, I highly suggest temporarily stopping use around the brow area for at least 30 days prior to your brow appointment as it can make your skin much more sensitive during the procedure and may possibly interfere with the healing process.


* Do not dye or use electrolysis for 2 weeks before treatment in the cosmetic tattoo area.

* Come with a clean naked face (no foundation, no eye makeup) 

* Exfoliate your brows to remove cream, foundation, dead skin before the treatment. 

* Remove piercings if you have any on your brows. 

* Tie up your hair if you have long hair.

* Dress comfortably as you will be laying down for couple of hours. 

* If you are prone to cold sores/herpes, please consult with doctor to take medication to prevent them coming up. 

* Schedule 5-10min appointment on a different day for a patch test before the treatment day.

* The appointment takes roughly 3 hours including consultation.

* All ingredients/products we will be using on you will be provided upon request. Please check with your doctor if you take daily medication.

Please note:

  • No animals allowed in the building.
  • No males allowed in the building.
  • Fernwood club is for females only.

There is no lift in the club.

Fees and charges: 

To confirm a booking you will need to pay a $100 deposit that will leave the balance $to be paid on completion of the initial treatment.

Deposit will be lost if the reservation is canceled within 24hours of appointment. 

So please provide as much notice as possible. 

Commonwealth bank 

BSB: 063 113  

Account number: 1107 1066    

Acc name: ILAB

Amount: $100

Description: Your name

Please let us know once you have made the deposit so we can book you in.

Address: Level 1 – 12 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East 3123. Inside Fernwood fitness (Pink building on the corner)  Free Car park available inside Fernwood.   

Please note a merchant fee of 2% will apply to all credit cards. You are welcome to change your preferred method of payment to cash or EFTPOS, if you wish to avoid the credit card surcharge. 

Thank you!

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