Learn the Best Cosmetic and Lip Blush Tattooing Techniques in Melbourne

If you plan on becoming a trendsetting beauty expert in Melbourne, then don’t miss your chance of being one through our platform. Establish your career through ILAB’s extensive cosmetic and lip blush tattooing courses in Melbourne.  

At Into Lashes and Brows, we provide you with the best cosmetic tattooing course that can help you boost your skills. No matter whether you are a fresher, or an existing beauty expert looking forward to upgrading your skills, our courses will surely help you. Attract more customers and become a reputed beauty expert with our cosmetic tattoo course. 

So what exactly is cosmetic tattooing? Cosmetic tattooing is a permanent makeup technique that uses tattoo techniques to resemble makeup on the face, eyelids, lips, etc. 

Cosmetic Tattoo Training:   

Cosmetic tattooing course offered by ILAB is a comprehensive study based on practical learning. It is for all the beauty enthusiasts who desire to become permanent cosmetic tattooing icons. In our cosmetic tattooing course, we provide: 

  • Detailed handbooks to focus on practical learning as well as theory 
  • Live model demonstration and practice after patch test 
  • Mentor supervision and guidance 
  • Extensive and intensive training 
  • Methods to use new technology 
  • Pre and post service precautions and care methods 
  • Certificate after successful completion 
  • A permanent lip blushing tool kit  

Learn Permanent Lip Blush Tattooing in Hawthorn & Melbourne  

Lip blush tattoo is the latest technique of using tattoo method to pigment the lips permanently and give a soft colour. ILAB provides an intensive lip tattooing course in Hawthorn and Melbourne. In this course, you can learn about the science behind colours, colour mixing, colour wheel, and colour correction.  Moreover, you will also learn application techniques and lip’s anatomy, including different shapes, perfect lip symmetry, and lip healing. Learn all of this within 3 days, along with 3 months of practical training on live models.  

Lip blush tattooing has been gaining a lot of popularity ever since its advent, but like every other tattooing method, it has some pro and cons that need to be considered: 

Advantages of lip tattooing:

  • Rectifies uneven lip colour 
  • Gives natural pigmentation to your lips 
  • A better alternative to invasive lip correction techniques 
  • Covers any kind of lip damage 
  • Creates plump lips without filler injections 
  • Long-lasting results 
  • No need to apply other colours in your lips 
  • Therapeutic – covers darkness and damage on lips, and paleness of lips 
  • Value for money 


  • Mostly not suitable for lower budgets 
  • Can be painful for sensitive skins 
  • Risk of infection is greater if not done using professionally sanitised equipment 

Learning our lip blushing tattoo course will add more skills under your belt, and it will expand the horizon for your career, helping you reach out to more clients. 


Best Cosmetic Tattoo Training Courses in Hawthorn & Melbourne 

Our professional cosmetic tattooing course is a combination of basic theory and practical training. The aim is to enhance your skills as a modern beautician. It includes: 


  • Advice and clients note 
  • Medical limitations 
  • Legal compliances 
  • Anatomy & skin biology 
  • Cure and prevention techniques 
  • Infections 
  • Hygiene, PPE, infection control prevention and waste disposal 
  • Professional etiquettes and mannerisms 
  • Liability  
  • Science of colours 
  • Colour modification 
  • Pre- and post-care 
  • Product knowledge and guidance 
  • Proper stretching and depth measures 
  • Healing 
  • Mapping and marking 
  • Perfectly aligned stroke conventions 
  • Presentations 
  • Equipment uses 
  • Hand positioning 
  • Colour mixing 
  • Problems with colour retention 
  • Practice on pads & figures 
  • Hands-on training 
  • Intensive and creative training sessions 

In our vibrant sessions of cosmetic tattoo courses, you can learn new skills to enhance the beauty of your customers and help them get the look they desire. Our world-class trainers will guide you throughout the course until you have perfected your skills. Call or email us to book your slot for the best lip blushing tattooing course in Hawthorn & Melbourne. 

If you’re interested in starting a new career or gaining more skills in the industry of Cosmetic Tattooing, The full lip blush class will be the one expanding your reach of clients.

As part of this training, students will gain knowledge about color of science, color mixing, color wheel, color correction, application techniques, Anatomy of lips, lip symmetry, lip problems, rich melanin lips, lip healing and so on. This allows you to perform a range of techniques to solve different lip conditions and meet your clients’ desires.


  • Course duration: 3 intensive days and next 3 month of practicing on live models to master to skills.
  • Time: 10am —-5pm
  • Performing lip tattoo on 2-5 live models under supervision.
  • Qualifications: Certificate 2 in Lip Blush tattooing
  • Cost: $3000


– 50% Non refundable deposit is required

Course contents

  • Color Theory of Science
  • Health and Safety
  • Contraindications
  • Understanding undertones
  • Fordyce spots
  • Machine
  • Machine needles
  • Color correction
  • Soft outline techniques
  • Do’s and Don’ts before lio procedure
  • Do’s and Don’ts after lip procedure
  • Color migration
  • How to prevent colour migration
  • How to achieve the best-healed result.
  • Anatomy of the lips
  • Dark lips
  • Lip neutralization
  • Lip symmetry
  • Lip shaping
  • Numbing application
  • Stretching techniques
  • Cold Sores
  • Healing process
  • 6 months support after the course

The kit includes

  • Fully Equipped Starter Cosmetic Tattoo Kit
  • A Comprehensive Theory Book/Manual
  • 1x Professional Tattoo Machine
  • 5 x Single use needles
  • 5 x Disposable gowns
  • 10 x Disposable hair caps
  • 1 x Sharps container
  • 1x Lip pencil
  • 1x thread roll
  • 1x Cleanser holder cup
  • 10 x Cotton tips
  • 1x Sharpening brush
  • 1x Tool protection wrapping roll
  • 5x Lip pigments
  • 10 x Applicators
  • 5 x Aftercare ointments
  • 10 x Pigment cups
  • 10 x Pigment rings
  • 2 x Practice skins
  • 1x Consent form template
  • 1 x Aftercare form template