How to Get Machine Hair Stroke Brows?

Does the task of doing your eyebrows daily bother you? Do you end up filling one eyebrow more than the other? And after all that struggle, does your eyebrow colour fade and expose gaps between them? If so, then you’ve got to try nano hair strokes by ILAB salon in Hawthorn. 

There are many techniques that can give your brows a fuller look realistically. However, most of them can be tormenting for skin, especially, if you have a sensitive one. Nano hair machine stroke eyebrows are created using a permanent makeup tattoo machine. A soft little hair line is drawn under your already existing brow hair to give your eyebrows more depth. This technique is suitable for those whose skins cannot stand microblading, as it has fewer chances of scars. And the best part? It’s suitable for all skin types. 

The nano hair strokes procedure allows you to have fully drenched strokes that are long-lasting, manageable and healing process is gentle. The hair strokes are added without cutting the skin as the machine implants more pigmentation to each stroke to create an illusion of depth. 

Why Should You Get Nanomachine Strokes?    

Here are a few reasons to consider getting nanomachine strokes: 

  1. A defined look:

Each nanomachine stroke gives a feathery look, creating an illusion of thin and crisp hair. This technique enables better incorporation of pigment into the eyebrows. 

  1. Longer lasting:

Nanomachine strokes last longer than other methods of eyebrow tattooing. On average microblade eyebrows last from one year to one and a half year. Nanomachine strokes last up to two to three years with proper care. 

  1. Gentle healing process:

Nanomachine hair strokes healing process is gentler. Moreover, the procedure leaves nearly no scars, nor does it cause irritation. It may change for some time. However, within a span of one month, it will settle completely. 

  1. No need to cut through skin:

This technique does not cut through the skin which avoids the risk of deeper integration of pigments. This is a primary reason that the healing is smooth, and the effect is long-lasting. 

  1. Money well spent: 

Nanomachine strokes may cost you a little more than microblading, but it is worth all the money you spend. It lasts longer and is less traumatic for the skin. 

The Technology Behind the Treatment  

At the Hawthorn branch of Into Lashes and Brows, machine hair stroke brows technique uses a needle device that sits nearly 0.75mm outside. This device is easy to manage resulting in accurate feathery hair strokes. Moreover, the process is cleaner and is safe from injury or risk. 

The needle is exposed to suitable pigment that settles down into the cartridge with the vibration. It slowly releases pigment upon pressure to create fine strokes of hair. Thus, there is no puncturing or cutting of skin. The needles used in the technique are flexible, and the size of the hair mimics the real hair stroke. 

Into Lashes and Brows brings you the best machine stroke eyebrows experience in Hawthorn. Our nanomachine strokes gives you naturally subtle, sharp and feather-like illusionary eyebrows with proper care and hygiene. So what are you waiting for? Call or email us to book an appointment with us.