Everything You Need to About Know About Our Microblading Refresher Course Hawthorn

Do you already have a certificate in microblading? Want to polish your skills further to become a recognized specialist? Well, here is your chance to hone your skillsSharpen your fundamental microblading skills at Into Lashes and Brows with the help of expert trainers. Refine your practice and theory to get a better understanding of microblading.  

Give your clients the natural-looking colour filler that matches their hair colour and compliments their complexion. Learn all the essential rules for the technique and boost your career with our microblading refresher course in Hawthorn.  

Why Opt for a Microblading Refresher Course? 

If you already have a certification in microblading, you might wonder why you would need a refresher course? Here are a few benefits: 

  • Polish your microblading skills 
  • Keep up with the latest trends 
  • Increase clientele by offering new services 

What is Included in ILAB’s Microblading Refresher Course?  

At ILAB, this one-day intensive workshop aims to give you more than you might anticipate. You will be mentored by highly qualified experts from the industry. They will support you throughout the course. Moreover, you will also receive continuous support for the next 6 months from experts after you graduate. 

Choose ILAB to learn all the complexities involved with brow shaping, symmetry, brow types and needs. It’s important to understand your client’s needs so that you can provide the required expertise. Learn how to deal with different colours and skin types. At ILAB, we ensure students get a chance to practice on live models under expert supervision. Become the best with our advanced certification in microblading. Call or email us now to book your seats and become a proficient permanent makeup artist in Hawthorn and Melbourne. 

Whether you have basic experience in Microblading and want to update your skills or want to learn some tips and tricks, this is the course for you. This short course is also designed for an intimate en- vironment to focus on improving what you are struggling with.

As part of the workshop, you will also learn all the tios and tricks to draw a perfect brow shape with symmetry. You will also learn differ- ent pattern hair strokes to suit different brow conditions such as spare, dense, thin, thick and bold brows. We will help you achieve the most suitable and natural brow pattern for clients so that you can leave the workshop with the utmost confidence and excitement to fulfill your talents.

Course details

  • Course duration: 1 intensive day.
  • Practice: 2 Latex skins, 1 live model under supervision.
  • Time: 9am -— 5pm
  • Qualifications: Certificate 1 in Microblading
  • Cost: $1500


– You will need to submit 5 photos of your work.

– Send us your Microblading certificate

– 50% non refundable but transferable deposit.

Course contents

  • Pre and Post treatment
  • Brow Microblading Application Processes and Procedures
  • Brow Microblading Touch-up Processes and Procedures
  • A different pattern hair strokes that suit all different types of hair growth.
  • Golden ratio
  • Pigment fundamental Colour theory
  • Pigment mixing
  • Brow designs
  • Brow symmetry
  • Correct stretching techniques
  • 2nd Pass application
  • How to draw the perfect shape with clean lines
  • How to differentiate skin types and decide what is the best option for that particular skin type
  • How to draw perfect brow shape using Golden Ratio
  • How to draw perfect brow shape using thread
  • How to correct/fix old microbladed brows
  • 6 months support after you graduate

The kit includes

  • Fully Equipped Starter Cosmetic Tattoo Kit
  • A Comprehensive Theory Book/Manual
  • 1 x Disposable gown
  • 2 x Disposable hair caps
  • 2 x Disposable hand tools
  • 1 x Brow pencil
  • 1 x Brow threading roll
  • 1x Cleanser holder cup
  • 10 x Cotton tips
  • 1 x Sharpening brush
  • 4x Mascara Wands
  • 1 x Brow Razor
  • 1x Pencil Razor
  • 1x Tool protection wrapping roll
  • 1 x Brow Measure
  • 2x Pigments
  • 2 x Aftercare ointments
  • 10 x Applicators
  • 5x Pigment cups
  • 5x Pigment rings
  • 2 x Practice skins
  • 1x Consent form template
  • 1 x Aftercare form template