Nano Machine Hair Stroke  

If you love the idea of Microblading but don’t want to deal with blood blotting process or you simply want to pive your clients more options, then this is the course for you.

With machine hairstroke technique, the most advanced and fastest updated technique you can learn in brow cosmetic tattooing. You will create the most natural hair like brows for all of your clientele without any concerns about skin issuses such as large pores, oily skin,wrin- kled skin, sensitive and prone to bleeding skin types, etc… if this sounds good to you, please take a look at the details below and let us know if you want to enroll in this new groundbreaking course.



  • Course duration: 4 Intensive days and next 3 months of on going support.

  • Time: 10am – 4pm Perform Nano Machine Hairstroke on 2 – 3 live models under supervision.

  • Qualifications: Certificate l in Nano Hairstroke Machine

  • Cost: $4000

Course contents

  • Medical Preclusions
  • Goverment and state legislations
  • Council registration
  • Anatomy and skin biology
  • Microorgaism and diseases
  • Hygine, PPE, Infection control and waste disposal
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Contraindications
  • Pre and Post treatment
  • Needles
  • Angles
  • Pigment fundamental theory
  • Golden ratio
  • CI numbers
  • Pigment longivity
  • Healing process
  • Nano Machine Hairstroke process and procedure
  • Nano Machine Hairstroke Touch up techniques
  • 4 different Nano Machine Hairstroke patterns
  • Dot works
  • Line works
  • Hairstrokes vs Microbladinp
  • Shaping for hairstrokes
  • How to achieve flowing patterned hairstrokes
  • When is best to use dot work and line work technique
  • How to hiphlipht hairstrokes
  • Brow desipn and symetry
  • Correct streching
  • How to draw a perfect shape usinp thread
  • How to correct and cover up old Microbladinp with hairstroke technique


The kit includes

  • Fully Equiped Cosmetic Tattoo Kit
  • 1 x Professional machine
  • 3 x Nano needles
  • 3 x Hig h quality pigments
  • 1 x Theory manual book
  • 1 x Consultation sheet
  • 3 x Disposable gowns
  • 6 x Disposable hair caps
  • 1 x Brow pencils
  • 1 x Thread roll
  • 1 x Pigment holder
  • 1 x Sharpening brush
  • 1 x Pencil Razor
  • 1 x Brow razor
  • 1 x Tool protection wrapping
  • 1 x Brow measure
  • 3 x Ointments
  • 3 x Pigment cups
  • 3 x Practice skins
  • 1 x Consent form template
  • 1 x Aftercare form template