Extensive Complete Brows Training by Experts in Hawthorn

Everything You Need for Fabulous Complete Brows

Beauty trends constantly change. Every era has a unique definition of beauty and staying updated is fast becoming a priority. Cosmetic tattooing has come up as a semi-permanent solution for lips, eyebrows, lashes etc. It makes you look flawless without worrying about smudging and fading. 

The way you want your eyebrows to look can play a substantial role in defining your features. Groomed eyebrows enhance the beauty of your eyes and lift your face. This results in a confident, natural look. Fuller eyebrows with natural-looking arch and tail with subtle hairy shades are in trend today. Maintaining that eyebrow pencil for the whole day is not easy, as it is not smudge-proof and eventually fades away. Fading reveals gaps and spaces between your brows. 

Into Lashes and Brows bring you a permanent solution for your eyebrows that are longer lasting and natural. You can get microbladingombre tattooing or nanomachine strokes done for your brows depending upon your requirements, skin types and budget. At our salon in Hawthorn & Melbourne, our expert beauticians promise to deliver the best results.  

We understand your needs and suggest the technique that best suits your skin and complexion. Now you can have those fabulous eyebrows that you’ve been craving. And the best part? Not only do we offer quality eyebrow treatment at ILAB salon, but we also provide the best training courses from reputed industry experts. We provide full support and guidance to help you become a professional permanent makeup artist. 

Our special complete brow course includes 6 intensive day training with additional 6-month support. You also get the opportunity to practice on live models under the supervision of professional trainers. Become a qualified expert in microblading and ombre tattooing with ILAB. 

Here are the factors that our complete eyebrows course entails: 

  • Safety is always a priority. Hence, we teach the way hygiene is to be maintained while using instruments, for both before and after the treatment. 
  • It is important that the treatment process is thoroughly explained to the client. We enable you to also ask the right questions to your clients so that you can provide the treatment that is safe for their skin type.  
  • Informing your clients about Pre and Post eyebrow treatment care is also emphasized. 
  • Our complete eyebrow course involves microblading and ombre procedures. 
  • Symmetry and a little bit of knowledge on the golden ratio is important for eyebrow shaping and designing. 
  • Colour theory, colour mixing, and pigment requirements are accurately taken care of in the training. 
  • We cover 4 different patterns of hair strokes in our service and training. 
  • Choose your preferred style of ombre eyebrows powder and pixel. 
  • Soft or no outline techniques, different skin requirements, perfect shaping, correcting, and fixing old eyebrows, all expert tricks and techniques are used to give you fabulous eyebrows and a flawless look. 

To book the best complete eyebrow training and course in Hawthorn or to get the best eyebrow treatment, join hands with ILAB and become a trendsetter. Call or email us for more information. 


  • Course duration: 6 intensive days and next 6 months of support practicing on live models to gain confidence.

  • Time: 10am —-5pm

  • Perform Microblading and Ombre techniques on at least 6 models under supervision.

  • 2 Qualifications: Certificate in Microblading & Certificate in Ombre

  • Cost: $5500. Save $1000

Course contents

  • Health and Safety theory
  • Contraindications
  • Pre and Post treatment
  • Brow Microblading and Ombre Procedures
  • Golden ratio
  • Pigment fundamental Color theory
  • Pigment mixing
  • Brow designs
  • Brow symmetry
  • 4 Different patterns of hairstrokes
  • Ombre style ~ Powder style ~ Pixel Brows
  • Soft outline technique
  • Correct stretching techniques
  • No Outline technique
  • How to draw the perfect shape with clean lines
  • How to differentiate skin types and decide what the best option for that particular skin type is
  • How to draw perfect brow shape using Golden Ratio
  • How to draw perfect brow shape using thread
  • How to correct/fix old Microbladed brows
  • How to correct/fix old PMU Brows
  • 6 months support after you graduate

The kit includes

  • Fully Equipped Starter Cosmetic Tattoo Kit
  • 10 x Cotton tips
  • A Comprehensive Theory Book/Manual
  • 1x Sharpening brush
  • 1 x Professional Tattoo Machine
  • 10 x Mascara Wands
  • 5 x Disposable gowns
  • 1 x Brow Razor
  • 1 x Brow Measure
  • 10 x Disposable hair caps
  • 1x Pencil Razor
  • 4 x Microblading pigments
  • 4x Ombre pigments
  • 10 x Applicators
  • 6 x Aftercare ointments
  • 1x Non disposable hand tool
  • 5 x Disposable hand tools
  • 5 x Single use micro needles
  • 5 x Single use micro blades
  • 1 x Sharps container
  • 10 x Pigment cups
  • 1 x Brow pencil
  • 1x Ink Mixer
  • 5 x Ink Mixer sticks
  • 1 x Brow threading roll
  • 1x Cleanser holder cup
  • 1x Tool protection wrapping roll